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O.S. Niagara Power Systems Inc. offers two divisions:
Licensed Electrical Contracting and Generator Sales & Service

We believe in ‘Keeping Your World Plugged Into Power’.

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If you are looking for a generator on your Home/cottage/ small building etc.,
‘Standby Power’ should be Right for you!

These units are usually ‘air-cooled’, run by natural gas or propane,
installed permanently outside of the building.

Fully customizable for your home and power needs.
Generators range in sizes from approximately 7 kW to 22 kW.

The smaller units are usually installed to cover ‘essential services’ like the sump pump, furnace, water pump, etc.

The larger units can be installed with a ‘whole home’ transfer switch
so that you don’t have to pick the circuits/items you want covered.
(Power is still limited to size of generator)

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Off Grid Generators
Backup Power Experts
Empowering Peace of Mind at home
Comfort. Security. Convenience.
The Result is Total Reliability. 

If you have any questions, feel free to call our Generator Specialist
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